Entry Date: November 4th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Time for Experimentation – Wyeth Walk #209

No school for our son yesterday, which meant for a fun day of art and a visit to Longwood Gardens (where MANY families had the same idea).  In the afternoon, he sat and experimented with drawing castles all afternoon, even discovering for himself if something came out differently than he had intended (he ran out of room at the top of the paper for the king’s crown), he could turn the art into something new and unexpected (he made that figure himself, and drew the king on the ground next to the castle).  The first rule of improv- “Do not be afraid of mistakes- there are none!” (I believe that quote can be attributed to Miles Davis).

This time and freedom for experimentation certainly is the argument for home schooling (and Andrew Wyeth studied at home with a tutor and art with his father).  My son’s kindergarten school days and bus trips are so long!

November 3, Chester County PA (Longwood Gardens), temp 70F