Entry Date: August 15th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

New Light – Wyeth Walk #154

“Yesterday I took a memorable walk… I saw many new things, received so many new impressions; yet it was the same old walk …the more I follow it the more I am inclined to do so.” – NC Wyeth, 1910 (1)

Today I took my “same old walk” – except, I took it at one in the afternoon, instead of seven in the morning… and boy oh boy, everything looked and felt SO different to me.  Usually the first half of the trail has no good light, as the sun is hidden behind the ridge, and all of my blog photos come from the second half.  Well today, the light was glowing everywhere for the first half of the trail, and things I’ve been passing every day looked incredibly different and alive to me.  For example, I got an amazing shot of a spider web on a mushroom that has been cloaked in shadows all the time until today…  But, this silhouette of a “spirit tree” won for photo of the day.  I love the running birdman, or the dancing lady- I see both of them in this.

(1) The Wyeths: The Letters of NC Wyeth

August 14, Chester County PA, temp 84F – midday