Entry Date: July 20th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Sea meets Sky – Wyeth Walk #135

A wonderful day on the coast of Maine today.  I was incredibly taken with the astounding beauty and smells of the fresh air.  In addition though, I also had the opportunity to view a private art collection that included some Wyeth paintings, including one by Jamie Wyeth that amazed me with how he had blended sea and sky into one continuous flow of color.  But then later in the afternoon I went on a walk to the point, and saw for myself how the fog made the sea line indistinguishable from the sky- he must see this all the time.  Not sure yet how this will translate into my music, although I do know the emotions and memories of these scenes are imprinted upon me and will for sure flow forth when I’m next at a piano.

July 19, Spruce Head ME, temp 75F