Entry Date: July 23rd, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Worlds – Wyeth Walk #138

Made it to the Olson House today, site of hundreds of Andrew Wyeth paintings.  This in a full day including another visit to the Farnsworth Museum and kayaking on the cove.

The sky was crystal blue, sprinkled with fluffy white clouds, and the sunshine was warm and joyous- a contrast with the deep fog of the past several days.

I spent a lot of time today looking at Andrew Wyeth watercolors at the Farnsworth, thinking about his dichotomy of Maine versus Chadds Ford, watercolor (free) versus tempera paint (meticulous).  Time at the Olson House I spent thinking about the World of Wyeth paintings versus the life of those who lived daily existence cooking, sleeping, working.  Dichotomy of a past World playing out in rural America versus the urban fast paced World transpiring in the cities.

For me it’s the Worlds of motherhood versus artist.  Artist versus businesswoman.  Free spirit versus wife.

One of my favorite Andrew Wyeth quotes is also the inspiration for a significant piece on my Wyeth album:

“I love to paint the backgrounds.  It’s the most joyous, exciting thing because I love to dream about this world that will live in that background.”

In Christina’s World (painted at the Olson House), he painted every individual blade of grass to create her World.

I think about that- I think that we can each create our own World we want to live in.  Our own backgrounds.  We choose which World, we just have to “paint the blades of grass”, we have to lay each intention in each moment as we create our future.

My song “Which You Which World” on my forthcoming Maiden’s Voyage is about this very line of thinking.

July 22, Cushing ME, temp 80F