Entry Date: September 3rd, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Woman’s Art – Wyeth Walk #167

“It has been a growing revelation to me to gradually awaken to the dynamic power of [Emily Dickinson’s] art and so meet face-to-face the consummation of what had been merely a theoretical belief of mine – that a woman’s art …could rise to ecstatic heights.” -NC Wyeth, 1943

I don’t have any particular deep things to comment on this quote from NC Wyeth, other than I find it super interesting and a commentary on the change of times- NC Wyeth’s three daughters (Henriette, Carolyn, and Ann) were all extraordinary artists and outside of devotees of the Brandywine River Museum of Art, or the Farnsworth Museum, say, no one knows that Andrew Wyeth had three older sisters of such talent.

As I’ve been deep in the promotion of my album Maiden’s Voyage, seeking reviews, radio airplay, and concert bookings, I’ve wondered a few times if Ann Wyeth McCoy, whose music I have been learning about, would have pursued bringing her music to the public the way I do, if she were born in my era?  I don’t have an answer to that.  Anyone of her family or her friends would say that she was deeply committed to her family, and very humble, and composed music for the joy of it and to give to her friends and family.  But, her music was played by the Philadelphia Orchestra under Stokowski one year before she got married (in the decade before NC Wyeth’s letter above).  If she hadn’t gotten married so young, would she have pursued music more?  Certainly her father encouraged her art, but based on a comment like the one above about Emily Dickinson, one wonders how much he truly encouraged his daughters?  I don’t have an answer, but I’m fascinated by thinking about it!

My big news this week is that I will be performing music from Maiden’s Voyage at the Metropolitan Room in New York City on November 20.  My first New York booking, and in a gorgeous room no less.  I’m super excited!

I guess these musings don’t really tie in with my picture from yesterday.  I’m calling this one “Rorschach Test”. 

September 2, Chester County PA