Entry Date: January 28th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Winter Fruits – Wyeth Walk #9

Everything seemed hard this morning -from the mud that looked deceptively soft to moving my legs to wondering what I would write about a walk.  It’s fairly bitter out. Walking in this still cold hearing the word “bitter” in my mind reminded me of the William Cullen Bryant poem “Thanatopsis” that I used to recite as a teen – (“when thoughts of the last bitter hour come like a blight over thy spirit, go forth under the open sky and list to nature’s teachings…” )

And indeed, making my way to the creek, I was struck by the intense beauty of the stillness.  And even in all the hardness of the frozen mud and air that bit my cheeks, the gurgling creek and the gentle breeze gave a soft motion and reassurance.

Up to this point nothing caught my eye I wanted to snap a picture of… until on my way back I wandered to the other side a bramble bush I’ve walked past every day this week… and lo and behold the ground was covered in winter fruits- berries for the birds and animals, little red morsels sprinkled across the ground – a surprise hidden behind the brambles.

So, at this moment I am grateful for gentle motion and pops of color in the stillness.

Jan 28, Chester County PA, temp 15F