Entry Date: April 18th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Washington, D.C. – Wyeth Walk #67

Walked 6.9 miles yesterday in Washington, D.C. with the Recording Academy’s GRAMMY’s on the Hill advocacy day.  In shoes that weren’t designed for walking.  ouch!  But, it was an amazing day.  We met with our representatives in small groups to advocate for music creator rights, and got to spend the day on Capitol Hill – Senate offices, House offices, a side trip to the Library of Congress.  For some reason I had forgotten how beautiful these buildings are and how much attention had been put into the art of architecture and surrounding landscapes.  Very awe inspiring tilework, domes, gilding, decorations… all very GRAND.

This is a great opportunity to mention one of my favorite NC Wyeth stories- apparently as a young man he and his friend went to Washington D.C. for the inauguration of Teddy Roosevelt.  On a whim, they wore clothing that NC had brought back from the West for painting props (brought back from his travels to paint Native Americans).  And, one thing led to another and he and his friend ended up riding horseback in grand style through the streets of Washington, in a parade of real life cowboys, with millions of spectators cheering them on.  He sure knew how to jump into adventure!!

April 16, Washington, D.C., temp mid 70sF