Entry Date: August 18th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Visitor – Wyeth Walk #155

My palette, curves, and subject (a crow!) inspired by Winter Field of Andrew Wyeth.  Both interviews I saw of Jamie Wyeth – one live, and the other on video online, he cracked the joke that he was painting all these exciting things and then would go to the studio and his father would be painting a dead crow.  Got a great chuckle from the audience both times.  I’m glad this crow wasn’t dead.  I woulda been a bit squeamish about that.  But he did pose for me nicely…

Weekend was crazy busy with family time and I didn’t make it out walking.  Today, I had to get the kids to camp early and had only 10 minutes to hop out of the car in a park I was driving by.  And, lo and behold… photos were coming at me every few moments… it was amazing to me that in that short time, I had five different photo subjects that I really liked.  The crow won out.  But, second place for today is my homage to Andrew Wyeth’s Trodden Weed, below.

As I was searching for these images today, I found this lovely EP of Andrew Wyeth inspired music by the band Gatsbys Green Light.  Lovely!

August 17, Chester County PA