Entry Date: February 18th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Still Life – Wyeth Walk #28

I loved the way this little berry glistened in the sunlight- the color and glisten reminded me of Tomato Basil by Anna B McCoy (NC Wyeth’s granddaughter) – I admire her still lifes and how she can capture such vibrant rich colors and glistens.

Weather is glorious today- chilly, but the sun’s warmth erases any nip.  A few inches of snow on the ground, but melting in wide swaths under sun’s rays.  Stillness and quiet near the creek- not even much bird twittering going on.  I stand for a long time soaking in the gurgling sound and glowing light and sun’s warmth, and my stillness is rewarded with seeing a little critter (mouse? chipmunk?) jump into the snow, burrow, then appear at the base of a tree several feet away.

Feb 18, Chester County PA, temp 28F