Entry Date: April 4th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

In the Paintings – Wyeth Walk #59

Grabbed one last visit to the Jamie Wyeth exhibit before it leaves the Brandywine River Museum of Art, this time with the family. Our three year old caught me off guard and decided unprompted to embody the people in the paintings, and did a dead-on impression of Jamie Wyeth’s jack-o-lantern face in Pumpkinhead, and treated us to a great rendition of catching snowflakes on her tongue in front of the painting of Phyllis Wyeth doing the same. This leaves me with a few ponderings- first, that it is so amazing to watch the kiddos’ little minds working and to catch glimpses of future talents (will she be an actress?). And, it’s so amazing to see art have impact on the next generation. And, I think it’s fascinating that this exhibit is ending, -and the paintings are going away. When he made these, he released them into the world, and they can only be seen in person in one room of their existence. Print images don’t compare to the original. Very unlike music that can be in millions of places at one time through a recording that truly is almost like the original, although there is definitely a different art to making a recording than making a live performance (and, I’m working on both for this project!). No conclusions, only observations!

We then ventured outside sans coats and blew bubbles along the river. Happy Easter!

April 3, Brandywine River Museum of Art, temp 63F