Entry Date: January 28th, 2016

Wyeth Walks

The Mood – Wyeth Walk #245

not at all interested in painting the object just as it is in nature.
Certainly I’m much more interested in the mood of a thing than the truth
of a thing.” – Andrew Wyeth

Today’s walk found me fascinated by a brilliant cobalt blue sky peeking through black tangled tree branches, a glowing sun framed by perfect white expanses and conical shaped tree line, then a stick poking through the center of a beautifully curled burnt orange leaf, then thick lush grass on black rocks in the middle of a gurgling stream flanked by snow banks.

As my son and I were almost finished our walk, trudging up a hill in our new, unfamiliar, showshoes, I saw it – the sun bouncing off a glowing rise of snow, with deep shadows behind- a stark black and white yin/yang, here/not here, now/not now.  And that was enough.

January 27, 2016, Chester County PA, temp 48F