Entry Date: May 26th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

The Green House – Wyeth Walk #90

Been a busy long holiday weekend with family- visiting with extended family including a visit to Longwood Gardens, picnic in the park and today a great hometown Memorial Day parade followed by a radio interview this evening talking about my Maiden’s Voyage album with J. Michael Foster on WVUD’s ArtSounds.  Apparently when my son heard me on the radio, he started crying for mommy, which warms my heart.

Snapped this picture at Longwood Gardens yesterday.  I love the commentary that the house is ensconced in green and is also only a small part of the green much greater world.  If I were pressed to make a Wyeth tie-in, which perhaps is a stretch on this one, I suppose I would say it also reminds me of the NC Wyeth home in Chadds Ford (the time period of the house is not that different and they are just a few miles down the road from each other)… and how he raised his family to be ensconced in their home reading literature and listening to great music in front of the fireplace, but really spending most of their time outdoors in the great nature around them.

May 24, Chester County PA (Longwood Gardens), temp 82F