Entry Date: May 23rd, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Golden Dew – Wyeth Walk #88

“…the air seemed as bracing as in autumn.  I went out in the golden light… and was attracted by the …brook in the woods.  I went over through the long grass and tall weeds and flowers, getting all wet, but proud of it!” -NC Wyeth, Summer 1913

This. Was my morning walk. 2015.

This may have been my last walk to the brook this season, unless we do indeed buy me a machete.  The grass in “clearings” was so long I was lifting my legs with every step.  The trail through the marsh was completely covered in reeds taller than me, and I could barely make my way back to the trail by pushing myself through dense 7 foot tall vegetation.  Was worth it, though, the golden light was gorgeous, especially sparkling on the morning dew.  The air felt like autumn (which I love…I even wore gloves it was so nippy!).  I got glimpses of a deer family walking through the woods, and I walked through their sometimes beds in the grass, found beautiful flowers nestled in the tall grasses, and was utterly amazed by the narrowness of the brook, hidden in vegetation.

May 22, Chester County PA, temp 48F