Entry Date: September 25th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Suspended Panorama – Wyeth Walk #185

This suspended leaf glowing in warms against a backdrop of black depths reminded me in a way of Andrew Wyeth’s Black Velvet, a full length nude portrait from his Helga series, where the model with warm colored hair lies suspended in the air, against black depths. When I looked up this painting in Andrew Wyeth’s Autobiography, I found it fascinating to read how he:

“wanted to do a long nude figure but didn’t want to have false or “artistic” perspective …So I sketched her upper body, then moved my chair along and painted the middle section and then the legs. You couldn’t take a photograph of a person and get what I painted…”

In other words, in 1972, Andrew Wyeth was moving his chair to capture multiple views of a long image and merging those images together, the way the way a camera couldn’t at that time – at least not easily. However, this is exactly what the panorama setting on today’s cameras does… taking multiple pictures from different camera positions and merging them together. I took a 5 mile hike today with tons of absolutely gorgeous vistas. Panorama was one of my favorite settings of the day:

September 24, 2015, mountains of Wyoming, temp 43-65 (it heats up fast in the morning here!