Entry Date: February 25th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Sunset Moods – Wyeth Walk #33

Got to experience a journey in sunset colors this evening- when I started out the entire sky was a lovely pastel lavender, and then slowly low in the view a boiling hot stripe of sun- molten lava rolling over the horizon.  Gradually the entire sky was aflame in stripes of purple and orange… until slowly the sky swept dark.

This change of mood reminded me a lot of the music of Ann Wyeth McCoy – gentle and quiet, changing before you know it to thunderous drama, and then back again.

Was quite cold again, and ice on all the trails I normally walk- snow frozen such that I could walk on the surface without falling through, but then on the sheets of ice on the trail my foot breaking through with every step, shattering the surface into rough ragged blocks… crrrrrraaaacckkk.

Feb 24, Chester County PA, temp 23F