Entry Date: February 12th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Subtle Shift – Wyeth Walk #23

Snow flurries and a harsh wind biting my cheeks, so a lovely surprise to see more signs of spring coming… a fuzzy bud, daffodil shoots in my front bed.  It’s been hard to get out on these walks this week- I think I must be at that 21 day hurdle when a habit gets hard- I know if I can make it through this and get myself out every day it will soon become as easy as breathing.  But, I’m not there yet… this shift in me is coming, but subtle like the coming spring I suppose.

I didn’t feel like a walk in silence, or even with music today, I’ve been doing so much introspection of late and I didn’t really feel like facing my own thoughts and planning and dreaming and reflecting.  So, I turned on This American Life podcast and immersed myself in the words and stories of others.  Made it hard for sure to notice the environment around me.  But, I stopped in my tracks when I saw this forgotten arm of a Barbie doll.  Today, I like the fact that there was a human presence where I was walking.  I liked the stories of cops in cities far from me to think about society beyond a natural environment.  Portraits of people interacting with their environments and nature are throughout all of the Wyeth catalogues – nice to think about these a bit instead of just the birds chirping and creek gurgling.

Feb 12, Chester County PA, temp 36F