Entry Date: July 10th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Sublime – Wyeth Walk #126

“What I’m trying to get across is what makes things sublime, the difference between profound art and art that’s just objects.” – Andrew Wyeth

I had great joy today taking my children to the Brandywine River Museum of Art where we went to the Horace Pippin exhibit and then they got to decorate the covers of new sketch pads.  Later in the day my five year old son added three new drawings to his pad- and his perspective continues to amaze me.  A picture of a house immersed in solid green (because the grass extended on both sides). Flowers in a pot floating in squiggles of green (because their foliage appears wispy from a distance).  A tree with brown spots on its leaves surrounded by clouds (because the sun wasn’t out today).  For sure, these were not just objects to him- he was really SEEING them and feeling them.  I cannot wait to see how this talent of his unfolds.

I’ve been so wrapped up in computer stuff for my Maiden’s Voyage release (August 7, did I mention that!?) as well as relaxed summer schedule with the kiddos, that I haven’t played piano in a few days.  I’m missing it.  And, I can’t wait to think about perspective and sublimity at the keyboard.  In this vein though, I enjoyed transforming a picture of one of my favorite views – into the trees – and turning it into something even more sublime to my taste with pretty colors and a flipped perspective.

July 9, Coverdale Farm Preserve Delaware