Entry Date: November 20th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Still Life – Wyeth Walk #216

Visited the Still Life exhibit at the Phila Museum of Art today. I was particularly taken with the room dedicated to the art of members of the Peale family- brothers and multiple children who all painted still lifes in the 1800s and had names of famous painters. Reminded me of the Wyeth family and how so many of the children and grandchildren became painters.

One Andrew Wyeth painting – Woodshed – was in the exhibit, brilliantly juxtaposed with a Calder sculpture Water Lily, whose black petals waving in the air mirrored the feathers of the hanging crows in the Wyeth. Loved it!

Photos not allowed in the main exhibit, so I’m sharing a pic from the permanent collection/ 1920s cut glass bowl- gorgeous!

November 19, Philadelphia Museum of Art