Entry Date: February 14th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Steadiness – Wyeth Walk #25

Snow floats steadily through the air, wetting my hat, scarf, and shoulders.  It rests and blankets and stillness spreads.  Birds twitter, and the creek gurgles on.  The gurgle is especially comforting to me today- the main sound I hear in the stillness, the continual steady babble.  At first I wonder- how could one paint the sound of the brook?  And then I laugh to myself, as I am a musician- the question for me is how could I pull this comforting steady gurgle into music?  Perhaps an easier task?  Ann Wyeth McCoy wrote a piano song about a brook- I had tinkered through it last year, and today I decide I will definitely pull it out again.

Feb 14, Chester County PA, temp 26F