Entry Date: May 4th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Spring Moon – Wyeth Walk #79

Long weekend, not feeling like making creative connections between photos and art and music.  I’m sleepy!  Long day with the Recording Academy yesterday in a day-long symposium, and lots of purging and organizing and rearranging today.  Super good news is that the event was super inspiring, and also now my office/studio feels much more spacious and conducive to composing and creating.

Finally after kiddos were asleep I got myself outside and walked with purpose to get my muscles moving.  Was late so had missed most of the light I was needing to get sharp photos, but I was grateful to get a look at the gorgeous full moon and all the purple trees everywhere I turned around.  Listened to some of my own Wyeth music on the walk- for the first time in a couple of months.  I’m really looking forward to composing again.  This couple month break has been necessary and nurturing.  But, the musical ideas are stirring in me again!

Been reading Rethinking Andrew Wyeth, edited by David Cateforis.  Really enjoying all the different perspectives/essays on Andrew Wyeth’s work.  I was particularly struck today by the comment by Wanda Corn that according to surveys of Wyeth exhibit visitors in San Francisco in 1973 and in Philadelphia in 2006, that overwhelming numbers of attendees of both exhibits answered that viewing Andrew Wyeth paintings made them feel thoughtful.

May 3, Chester County PA, temp 65F