Entry Date: February 11th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Song – Wyeth Walk #22

I love the way I imagine you can hear the creek in this photo, and I love the swirling colors.  Reminded me of the colors and the spirit of the water in NC Wyeth’s Spring. “Song” When he painted this in 1909 he wrote excitedly to his mother:

“At last! I have on my easel a picture that embodies a quality which I have never before obtained – Music! …In this one I have an Indian seated…by him there trills a small brook …the entire foreground is in the silvery transparent shadow of a spring woods and the background shines in that warm yellow-green sunlight that sprays through young foliage.  It is realistic…but when one looks at it he forgets the realism…”

Feb 11, Chester County PA, temp 25F