Entry Date: January 22nd, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Snow Flurries – Wyeth Walk #3

Jan 22, Chester County PA, temp 30F

Snow flurries, dusting of snow on the ground, speckling the carpet with hints of green, tans and white.  Deer footprints, groundhog holes, a cast off Christmas tree, vista of houses nestled in the valley, hidden creek, animal homes in the marsh.

The speckled hill in front of me certainly reminds me of Andrew Wyeth’s Snow Flurries.  At a lecture last year by National Gallery curator Nancy Anderson, she was talking about Andrew Wyeth as a modernist painter, and compared Snow Flurries to Lavender Mist by Jackson Pollock.  I totally see the comparison, and I could see the speckles of greens, tans, and white before me re-created as speckles of dripping paint from above.

Sounds (no music) – distant rush of cars, plane, a repetitive flute-y sound I couldn’t quite figure out if were human alarm or bird call.  Finally, a bit further from the houses, the gurgle of a creek, sounds of animals skittering hidden from me, the choir of a flock of birds.