Entry Date: January 24th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Simplest Pleasures – Wyeth Walk #5

Jan 24, Chester County PA, temp 34F

slushy snow carpet, puddles and mud abound, grey sky with overtones of lavender and blue, crisp fresh air, rosy cheeks.  remains of a bird surrounded by larger animal footprints (fox?), deer tracks, vegetation and trees coppery and vivid

My son joined me this morning, to my surprise… he had said he didn’t want to come but then after I was a ways away I heard crying behind me “Mommy!!!!!!”.  He had followed my circuitous footprint path.  What great joy to walk through the slush in our matching boots, chasing footprints of fox and deer, splashing in puddles, and fording a creek. 

I am so happy to share this with him. I have such fond memories of my dad taking me out for walks in the woods, and have wanted to continue that tradition with my own children.  But, certainly in the most recent year or so we have been an inside family- sending the kids outside to play, but rarely joining them. Hopefully this will be the first of many walks he will join on with me. 

NC Wyeth was always taking his five children on long walks through the fields and woods behind their house.  This love of being outdoors and watching nature was instilled in them at an early age, as it was with me by my dad, and as I hope it to be with my children.  NC Wyeth said:

“…the real foundation of one of the most profound ethical ideas with regards to early training: to obtain the utmost pleasure and inspiration from the simplest and homliest events of the life about you.”