Entry Date: February 17th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Silver Lining- Wyeth Walk #27

Listening to mastered songs from Maiden’s Voyage! Was in the studio with Phil Nicolo yesterday for the mastering. Everything sounds amazing, I am so excited that this project I’ve worked so hard on for so long is coming to fruition. I’ve been listening nonstop all day trying to finalize song order, and had the headphones on for this walk- the whole arc of the album is much more melancholy than I perhaps originally thought- or maybe not melancholy, but rather introspective- very typical of my music tho I’d guess. The introspective music lent itself nicely to trudging through the snow watching animal trails and admiring the late afternoon light set snow and trees aglow. I had fun changing the colors on this photo to bring out the silver linings on the tree limbs. This album has been a voyage with ups and downs that’s for sure, but the end path has been unfolding in unexpected and wonderful ways… And I’m very glad that as this project comes to fruition my creative space will be wide open for Wyeth music.

Feb 17, Chester County PA, temp 21F