Entry Date: March 23rd, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Signs of Spring – Wyeth Walk #51

A single yellow flower and skunk cabbage pushing from the earth.  A fresh fox skeleton. Mud! New white thorns on the briars.  The evening sun setting everything aglow.  Deep in the woods in interior of trees last tiny little patches of snow.

I almost called this the walk of the macabre, with the skeleton and otherworldly orbs in my photos (was shooting directly into the sun), and my husband getting a deep bloody gash on the reeds.  I could have posted pics of several of these things.  And, tied them in with Victoria Wyeth’s lecture the other night in which she talked at length about how the Wyeth family loves all things macabre and Halloween is just the best holiday ever.  I could have.. but, I’m just too excited about this glorious yellow flower.  Aaahhhh, spring…

March 22, Chester County PA, temp 52F