Entry Date: May 7th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Quaker Meeting House – Wyeth Walk #80

Well, I’ve been sort of in a funk the past day or two, having troubles getting myself motivated… and lo and behold I just realized it’s been several days since I walked, yikes!!   The longest I’ve gone since January not walking… NO WONDER I’ve been not feeling as well!  George Winston told me once that he has several artistic arms to his life, and if he feels like something is off he takes stock of what he’s been up to, and almost always he will realize something like “oh! I haven’t played harmonica in a while!“.   Now I know… I NEED my walks…

Today I didn’t go for a walk per se, but I did capture evening light in this beautiful Quaker meeting house.  I love the way the high window glows, it reminds me of Andrew Wyeth window paintings… he would have left that part of the painting bare paper- he had a special ultra-white paper stock that would have glowed like this.

May 7, Chester County PA, temp … not even sure!