Entry Date: March 2nd, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Perceptions askew – Wyeth Walk #37

Precarious walking today, sheets of ice over all of my trails and snow on the ground.  Every step crunching icicle grass blades, or breaking tectonic plates of hard snow under my footprints (I did fall once, today I wished I had cleats on my boots!).  Surrounded by the gentle sound of water escaping and pattering on the ground as icy branches thaw in the rising temperature – causing my perceptions to pause as I hear “rain” all around me, but yet I’m not getting wet.

This pause in perception inspires me to capture a shot of this branch, each leaf an embryonic sac, surrounded by muted lines askew.  I like to think the form, colors and tilted lines of this shot are reminiscent of Jamie Wyeth’s Orca Bates, currently on view at the Brandywine River Museum of Arts.

March 2, Chester County PA, temp 35F