Entry Date: September 30th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Palette – Wyeth Walk #190

This little structure reminded me a lot of buildings in Andrew Wyeth paintings, so I took the liberty of adjusting the color palette to be a bit closer to one of his paintings. Funny I should have to adjust the palette in the photo, the leaves originally were pretty bright yellow – but overall the landscape here has a muted color palette of browns and soft sage greens (literally sage!) and muted oranges and yellows, burnt umber, all set against the brilliant blue skies – actually reminds me of Andrew Wyeth’s muted palette.

Went on a 9.5 mile hike today, with 2400 feet in elevation climb. Wow! I am amazed, I actually didn’t know I was in pretty good shape- the hike surprisingly didn’t affect me physically all that much. Last mile or so I was reeeeaaaalllly wanting to be done, but overall I felt super strong. And, it was glorious. I hiked alone and all of that quiet with beautiful wind in the leaves and water trickling and birds twittering- all amplified in contrast with the absolute silence. Dawned on me when I had walked about four miles away from the ranch that I was truly four miles away from any other people.

September 29, mountains of Wyoming, temp 50-80 (over the course of 5+ hours of hiking).

The Wifi here has been suuuuuupppppppeeeeerr slow. I walked and took pictures the past few days but haven’t been able to upload them.  Been super frustrating to try.  So, instead of blogging about the backlog, I’ll just attempt to load the pictures with brief captions:

Jupiter Berries – Wyeth Walk #188 (play on words – glowing outer space imagery on the morning hike, lunar eclipse with gazillions of stars in the evening, September 27 )

Last but not least,

Retreat – Wyeth Walk #189

Yesterday I worked in the studio 10 hours straight on my new Wyeth song.  I am so incredibly grateful to be surrounded by the beauty that enables this freedom to create.  September 28