Entry Date: March 31st, 2015

Wyeth Walks

On the Line – Wyeth Walk #57

Walked with purpose today, great to get my blood pumping, especially after several days of out-of-routine travel eating. Sun was warm today and sky a beauty. Wind whipping against my face made for chapped lips and more sleep-inducing exhaustion.

Last January when I first started working on this Wyeth project with Will Ackerman, my fortune at the Chinese restaurant in Vermont was “There is no glory unless you put yourself on the line.” Little did I know I’d be putting myself out there so much in the following year. It’s been really emotionally draining with all this DOING and asking for help- this introvert would rather crawl into my piano cave and just emote from my heart straight to the keys. But, I am so very grateful for everyone who has been helping me on this path. I’m not hoping for glory in traditional sense, I’m just hoping my art will be all that it can be.

March 30, Saginaw MI, temp 48F