Entry Date: March 11th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Night light – Wyeth Walk #42

Dragged myself out into the night rain, after a long day of cooking a month of freezer meals. Was exhausted and the rain didn’t seem all that inviting. I assumed I’d be glad I went out, though as I was yawning interminably while suiting up I did indeed wonder what on earth I was doing. Even though I expected to have a shift in my welcome, I was still surprised at the fresh smell, the soothing sound of raindrops on my umbrella, the rush of the creek, the glow of night lights reflecting on overflowing neighborhood water retention ponds. Folks’ outdoor lamp lights were gorgeously diffused with soft halos melting into the dark.

As I observed squares of diffused light here and there on houses in the distance, I thought of the story that Anna Kuerner chopped wood at night when she couldn’t sleep. Not sure Andrew Wyeth ever painted her actually chopping wood, but in night time views in his paintings of the Kuerner farm you can see the square of light coming from the woodshed. I am thinking none of those lights I am seeing were of woodsheds, and I am thinking physical activity like chopping wood or this walk is not exactly what I want to be doing when I can’t sleep… But then again, I could most definitely sleep the instant I crawl into bed…

Mar 10, Chester County PA, temp 46F