Entry Date: May 15th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

New Orleans!

Steamboat, swamp alligators, plantation, cemetery,
carrying kiddos, antiquing with Jordan, celebrating Next and Maiden’s
Voyage with Jeff Oster, butterfly house with Joseph Akins and Philip Wesley, blues with
Daryl, Amethyste, and Gunnar, getting dolled up, enjoying amazing ZMR
show (so great I didn’t look away to tweet once during the show!).
chatting, chatting, more chatting… especially memorable chats with Al Conti, Paul Avgerinos, Carl Weingarten, Jordan Beutow, Jennifer Zulli, Bill Binkelman, and Steven Chesne.  Fried
chicken, green beans (nice and soft the way this Virginia southern gal
likes them!), grits, red beans, beignets, crawfish, alligator,
chargrilled oysters… living it up, happy, adding to the memory banks.  I actually
enjoyed chatting so much with everyone I took hardly any selfies with
friends… Soooooo many more people I connected with this weekend and
didn’t mention or post photos!

Now home
and gearing up for jazz quartet CD celebration concert May 29 in Kennett Square PA!  Didn’t go for a Wyeth Walk today- instead did PR- press release, flier, set up my All About Jazz profile, Facebook events, etc.  I’m tired of staring at this screen, but I hope my efforts will be worth it and folks will come out- we had rehearsal with the guys yesterday and I am so excited to share the music of this live band!