Entry Date: February 7th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

New Beginnings – Wyeth Walk #18

Overcast, nippy but pleasant- kept alternating between hat and no hat. Vigorous walk to get blood pumping then leisurely stroll toward the creek. Tufts of animal hair in the brambles, piles of droppings scattered about the clearings.  Sat for a while to take in the sounds- bird calls everywhere.  I wish I could identify them, but for now I enjoy listening for all the distinct voices- every time I try to count I get to 4 or 5 different songs, and then I start hearing 4-5 further different ones.  I sit for a while to see if a bird might land near me if I’m quiet enough but don’t end up sitting for very long, the gurgle of the creek is beckoning me.  Right as I’m leaving the creek’s side I notice these new red buds, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, so lovely.

Big news afoot in my Wyeth project, lots of exciting connections this week, lots of new beginnings.  I am brimming with gratitude and contentment for this flow.

Feb 7, Chester County PA, temp 30F