Entry Date: March 11th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

(Neuron) Connections – Wyeth Walk #43

A joy to walk without a hat and gloves and snow pants. Warm weather and sunshine.  Lots and lots of deep squishy slippery mud as the thaw continues.  Saw a bunny, and lots of birds, both on the ground and flying above.  Lots of chatter and people noises traveling through the air as the world emerges out of their homes.

I’ve been emerging from writing and have spent the week catching up on household and administrative tasks- cooking and organizing and bookkeeping and the like.  Looking forward to quiet time for creativity and piano practice now that I’m caught up! 

Nothing profound to comment on the Wyeths today, other than I am grateful this project gets me out of the door every day and breathing fresh air.

March 11, Chester County PA, temp 57F