Entry Date: August 1st, 2014

Wyeth Walks

Muscle memory

So, my car was in the shop for three weeks (don’t ask me about the certain concrete barrier that I am not friends with (we are all fine)). In the ensuing time I obviously got really used to the rental car… when I picked up my car, I couldn’t remember how to use the key fob to open the doors, I didn’t remember I needed to hit “unlock” before trying to open my son’s door when we  parked, and I keep reaching for the transmission stick in the rental car’s location instead of in mine…  My muscles have forgotten all the automatic movements associated with my own car, in only three weeks!

A good reminder to me that muscle memory can be learned quickly… and FORGOTTEN quickly… good reminder that the real work in the practice room is really knowing the music on different levels- muscle, visual, intellectually, by ear, etc.  And, that consistent practice is key… certainly don’t go three weeks without it! (but even a few days can make a difference too).

Happy practicing!