Entry Date: January 26th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Motion Holding Its Breath – Wyeth Walk #7

steady snow, beginning= all freezing – grass a harder crunch beneath my feet, the world slowly being covered in a carpet of white.  the world that once was flowing starting to slow down and settle in for a nap.  sting of wind on my cheeks.  gurgling brook still flowing and bubbling strong, but ice settling in on peripheries like a shiny picture frame…

Andrew Wyeth once used the phrase in describing a scene: “motion holding its breath”.  That seems apt today… an increase and decrease in the motion all at one time.

birds in the distance, distant rush of cars swallowed by the immediate swirling whoosh of wind around my ears, punctuated by tiny crystalline spatters of snow hitting my shoulders and head. 

Jan 26, Chester County PA, temp 27F