Entry Date: June 7th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Monhegan in Ithaca – Wyeth Walk #98

I had gazillions of photos on my walks around Cornell today, and I thought for sure I would be using one of my nature or abstract shots for this blog (they are tagged #wyethwalk on Instagram) …but then I spent an evening in the art museum on campus, and saw this little gem- Monhegan Island by Edward Hopper from 1916. Andrew Wyeth has often been spoken of in the same breath as Hopper, as somewhat of realist contemporaries in a changing artworld that moved to abstract and modernist art in their lifetimes. Also, Jamie Wyeth now lives and paints in Monhegan Island- it was fun to be reminded of the generations of artists who have painted there. I am traveling to Wyeth country in Maine in July, and I understand I’ll be able to see Monhegan from where we are staying.

June 6, Ithaca NY, temp 55F (cold!! For June anyway)