Entry Date: July 30th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Monhegan, and Farewell – Wyeth Walk #139

So much jam-packed last few days of Maine I didn’t have a chance to upload these last few pics until this week.  We took a ferry to Monhegan Island on Thursday last week.  Monhegan is 10 miles out in the middle of the ocean, and has been a destination for artists for 150+ years.  NC Wyeth used to take his family out there in a wooden lobster boat, and Jamie Wyeth has lived there and has tons of paintings from the island.  Was a treat to visit- we even saw a kid carrying on the tradition of selling views of mummified cats! (Jamie Wyeth has a painting of a boy with his dead cat museum).

Friday was a beautiful farewell, gorgeous weather.  This was the view from the deck of our rental house:


June 23-24, Monhegan Island & Spruce Head ME