Entry Date: April 22nd, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Lying in the Grass – Wyeth Walk #70

Fun to snap a pic from a different perspective… the sun was warm this morning and the grass super soft. The daffodils (my favorite flower) are in full bloom, perhaps just a tad past peak.  I never wanted to get up from that grass.  A good reminder that my music could be approached “from underneath”… I wonder what that would mean?

This reminded me of Betsy Wyeth a little bit because there are a few paintings of her by her husband Andrew where she is lying in the grass, and when her granddaughter Victoria spoke at the Brandywine River Museum last month, she mentioned Betsy always had a “necklace” on of bird binoculars.  I imagine the birdhouse and the view of the sky from the grass might resonate with her.

April 22, Chester County PA, temp 55F