Entry Date: February 1st, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Layer Cake – Wyeth Walk #13

feels incredibly warm compared to what it has been. mud thawed, deep and sticky, puddles thawed underneath, birds everywhere, every step produces a flurry of activity ahead.  grumpy and exhausted today, been a long week of caregiving for sick hubby and daughter- takes a long time for the fresh air to lighten my mood.  but it does. after a long time… started with music (E.S.T. Seven Days of Falling), then realized I was craving the sound of wind and birds, so turned it off. wandered around the brush a while, found a great log to sit on and do a meditation. finally after a long time in silence everything started to lift and unpeel the layers.

Next to me on the log the moss and snow formed a wonderful picture of textured layers… prompted me to look up “layers” and the Wyeths… I knew about Andrew Wyeth layering his egg tempera but was curious what would come up.  Found this older article about Jamie Wyeth combining different media as he paints:

Watercolor: Jamie Wyeth: Combining Water-Soluable Paints – The Watercolor Blog – Blogs – Artist Daily

…got me thinking that texture layers could be explored in music for sure, playing with the contrasts in instruments and playing techniques.


Feb 1, Chester County PA, temp 37F