Entry Date: August 8th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Journey – Wyeth Walk #147

I was so wrapped up in Maiden’s Voyage pre-release day prep yesterday, that I forgot to blog this photo last night.  While I was on my Wyeth Walk yesterday morning, it came to me which song to make a video of for Maiden’s Voyage promo- I am grateful for the quiet natural surroundings of these morning walks that enable the space and freedom for these creative connections to flow.

And, here is the video that resulted from my morning epiphany.  All of the video clips were taken by me on Wyeth Walks.  The title of “All that I Feel” is from one of my favorite Andrew Wyeth quotes:

“I have only one interest in this world, and that is to someday put all that I feel into a painting.”

August 6, Chester County PA, temp 64F (early in the morning)