Entry Date: February 23rd, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Inferno – Wyeth Walk #32

I chuckled as I typed that title “Inferno”… because boy was it cold today… I guess I was lulled into the warm weather yesterday and as a result didn’t dress with the right hat or layers, and I was BRRRRRRRR cold…

hard snow crunching under my feet, quite an exercise to walk.  all the running water and mud from yesterday freezing, but yet birds flocking to muddy areas that had been exposed in the warmth yesterday, a flock of blackbirds in the tree.

the sky was beautiful with sun low on the horizon and bands of white clouds against aqua blue.  I had fun changing the colors on this snapshot to invoke the imagery of Jamie Wyeth’s Inferno (video of him painting this!) (all the birds flocking about today reminded me of this too).  In the interview I watched this week of when he spoke at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, he said he used the fluorescent paint from lobster buoys for the flames inside the furnace.

Feb 23, Chester County PA, temp 23 F