Entry Date: September 18th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

In the Moment – Wyeth Walk #178

“Do you ever realize what unutterable tragedy it is to be always living in the past or anticipating the future…?  How true this is in my work, or any work! How false it is to think to oneself: next year will be my valuable year, or next season I will paint the more interesting foliage of autumn… when the value of the year forthcoming year depends mainly upon how you are handling yourself in the present moment… Can I drum this into my daily living I shall attain the best that is in me.”   -NC Wyeth, 1913

Today I shipped myself a box of study scores and manuscript paper to Wyoming, and at home I laid out all of my work materials to go in my suitcase- computer, recording equipment, pencils, notebooks, and tea… lots of tea.  Been fun to look forward to next week’s retreat.

But, as I read this NC Wyeth quote tonight, I remember how much fun it was to spend the morning with my daughter, to have had my quiet walk in the woods and the joy of seeing these gorgeous dew drops on some Queen Anne’s lace, to have taken my children to the farm to get our veggies for the week, to have had nice phone chats with a handful of my musician friends.  I lost sight of these today while they were happening because I was so focused on packing and on all the to-dos I have been feeling pressured to attend to before leaving.  I think the next few days I will pay more attention to these moments.

September 17, Chester County PA, temp 57F