Entry Date: February 21st, 2015

Wyeth Walks

In Comfort – Wyeth Walk #30

I played hooky of sorts from my walk this morning- it was pretty cold, about 1 degree F… and the last time I went out at 3F it was pretty uncomfortable to shoot photos… so, today, I decided to treat myself and my son to a visit to the Brandywine River Museum of Art to see the Jamie Wyeth exhibit again.  Aaaaaahhhhh…. I just love that museum.  My son hadn’t seen the exhibit yet, so it was fun to show him the portrait of Jamie as a little boy in a field that his father Andrew Wyeth had painted, and then to see a picture of him all grown up, now.  And, then to walk through and look at the paintings, and drawings he had made at age 5 (my son’s age), and to talk to him about how boys could be ballet dancers (talking about Nureyev whom Jamie painted a lot).  And of course we had to see Den-Den the pig and all the pirate and knight paintings by NC Wyeth.

As always the view of the river was spectacular.  Particularly today, to see such a different view of the river, frozen in on the sides, making the visible moving water much narrower than usual.  Fun to watch the ducks glide on the current and disappear beyond the edges of the ice coming in from the banks.

Feb 20, Chester County PA, temp 1F (temp 68ish in the museum… 🙂