Entry Date: February 9th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Hush Before the Storm – Wyeth Walk #20

Sky is swollen and moody grey with impending rain (snow?).  My senses on high alert, I keep thinking I hear rustling behind me- a wind chime surprises me, a twitter of a bird here and there. I step off the trail and see this tree with the beautiful lavender and green, and I am immediately reminded of the words of painter Charles Burchfield from his journals:

“I had in mind to do something dark and mysterious, like a solemn Bach
fugue- something to do with the dark interior of a tree on a cloudy

And, lo and behold when I look up this quote when I come home it turns out he wrote that about his painting Hush Before the Storm, whose sky is exactly like the one I feel today.

I didn’t want to go out today- I’m extremely sleepy and craving comfort foods and a nice cozy couch to lie on.  But, I shoved some girl scout cookies in my mouth, grabbed a cup of hot tea, bundled up, ventured out, and was blessed with one of the most beautiful lavenders I have seen in some time.  I fear this photo isn’t quite in focus, but I will be dreaming of this dark interior next time I play Bach’s fugue in D sharp minor…

Feb 9, Chester County PA, temp 28F