Entry Date: January 31st, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Glow fingers -Wyeth Walk #12

quite cold, wind whipping through scarf to bite cheeks. avoided the nip most of the morning, made it out at noon finally. despite the deep cold, the high sun thawing mud, new grass poking through dull brown frozen mud, lavender brambles glowing in the sun, sparkling on the creek.  even these icicles seem to glow from within.  I wonder how you could capture this glow in paint? in music? Jamie Wyeth used essence of pearl to capture the luminescence of the wings in Dragonfly, this made me think of that.  But in music… a glow? hmmmm… maybe with an instrument that can change pitch as you sustain, but perhaps not piano? I would have to think about this as I’m playing.


Jan 31, Chester County PA, temp 20F