Entry Date: February 8th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Geometric Form – Wyeth Walk #19

Mild, overcast sky yet still blue, bird call in surround sound. Two V’s of geese flying so low I can see the shapes of their heads and beaks, then the V’s intersect and merge, become a crooked E, then merge into a bigger V.  Along the creek the crossing of reeds and bright brambles form their own crosses and V’s (reminds me of the game, how many triangles do you see in this picture?). 

These forms remind me of Nancy Anderson at the National Gallery talking about the Andrew Wyeth Looking Out, Looking In exhibit, and juxtaposition of geometric forms with wildly irregular forms (e.g. windows next to seed corn), or in the case of British on the Brandywine, almost all geometric forms…a series of nestled triangles in the form behind the soldiers and window pane.

Feb 8, Chester County PA, temp 36F