Entry Date: January 25th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Geese launch – Wyeth walk #6

gorgeous blue sky sprinkled with clouds, geese and planes flying low overhead, walking on icy patches all with water running freely underneath – large group of red cardinals fluttering in the trees.  shedding our gloves and unzipping coats in the warmth of the sun.almost seems like beginnings of spring- no sign that major snow coming tomorrow (or so they say). 

crunch, splash! geese honking, my son exploring, jumping in mud, flailing sticks, searching for our path from yesterday.  choirs of birds.  And, a gurgling creek- so incredibly relaxing and soothing sound- made me want to just sit and think beside the sound of that creek all day long.

caught these geese beside the trail of a plane- I like the juxtoposition of man and nature.  This juxtoposition and the imagery reminded me of Jamie Wyeth’s To the Moon, currently on view at the Brandywine River Museum of Art.  I exaggerated the blue in the photo to show the intensity of the glorious feelings I had seeing this view and feeling the sun on my face, and reflect some of the vivid colors in Jamie Wyeth’s art. 

 Jan 25, Chester County PA, temp 36F