Entry Date: September 21st, 2015

Wyeth Walks

 Eve of My Departure – Wyeth Walk #181

“…the eve of my departure to the land of ‘promise’ and of many dreams is near.  To think that in probably a month I’ll roll up in a blanket miles away from civilization under the clear and cold dome of stars, with a pack mule and horses picketed nearby… why I can’t believe it and won’t until it’s proven.” – NC Wyeth, September 11, 1904

It is in fact the eve of my departure to the west, 111 years after NC Wyeth headed out west to paint Indians and western landscapes.  I’m on my way to a two week artist residency in the far reaches of Wyoming.  I’m all packed- scores, manuscript paper, recording equipment, hiking boots, camera, yoga mat, pictures of my family.  A Steinway grand is waiting for me.  No phone and very limited internet… I have a feeling I have adventures awaiting, and I will miss my family terribly.  But, I’m ready to make some beautiful music.  I hope I see the clear and cold dome of stars.  That would be oh so lovely.  I think I know exactly what NC Wyeth meant when he said he can’t believe it, though- I feel like I’m stepping through a dream and it’s a very uncanny feeling to not be able to visualize where I will be or what I will be doing the next few weeks. I can’t believe it and won’t until it’s proven!

This pic from inside a fun corn maze we walked through today as a family, with some dear friends.  Bye-bye corn!  See ya in a few weeks!

p.s. NC Wyeth left Wilmington, Delaware (right around the corner from me), on September 24 for his adventures…

September 20, 2015, Chester County PA, temp 79F