Entry Date: August 6th, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Emotional Impulse – Wyeth Walk #146

“I think you should force yourself to work more from emotional impulse, even though your easel stand before the rock and sea.” – NC Wyeth, 1921 (1)

I was having a hard time naming this photograph or coming up with a reason behind it, or even thoughts about the content of it (i.e. pond with algae).  When I snapped it, I had just come from an early morning yoga class, and was feeling connected with the land and my breath and felt I was reaching into pools of energy within me… and I loved the way the tree reached down towards its reflection in the pools below, seemingly mirroring the way I was feeling.

Today was my first day trying out a 6 am yoga class- I typically practice yoga at home, or get my exercise through my morning Wyeth Walks- but lately I’ve been feeling like that hasn’t been enough to get my blood moving.  I’d say the experiment was a success, as I have had depths of energy all day long.  Looking forward to doing this again!

August 5, Chester County PA, temp 70F

(1) The Wyeths – The Letters of NC Wyeth