Entry Date: January 23rd, 2015

Wyeth Walks

Elusive Sparkle – Wyeth Walk #4

Jan 23, Chester County PA, temp 28F

blue sky, sun on the horizon, making everything glow.  empty bird’s nest, perfect unfurling of shiny black leaves sprinkled throughout barren frame of bush. crunchy grass beneath my feet.  most snow and ice gone, but reminders here and there- icy puddle, handful of snow tossed about.  green grass warm and almost glowing around gurgling creek.

suns horizontal rays casting a beautiful sparkle on the frosty grass.  couldn’t capture the elusive sparkle in a photo-tiny diamonds strewn across the ground.  reminds me of Andrew Wyeth quote: “my whole idea is to keep myself open for the elusive something that catches you off balance when you least expect it."  I imagine he was referencing creative connections, "aha” moments, ways of seeing things you hadn’t thought of before.  With the grass diamonds I was wondering how a paint or canvas might be better suited to capturing the sparkle where a photo couldn’t – how to capture that elusiveness?

Music: Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny Beyond the Missouri Sky – struck by the introspective melodies of the bass, capturing silence. Chick Corea’s Children’s Stories- I’ve been playing some of these for fun, and was particularly struck this morning with the parallel between the sparkling grass diamonds and Chick’s ability to make the right hand melodies soar and sparkle above a left hand carpet smoothed below holding them up and allowing them to shine.